Wall Repair Services

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Water Damaged Wall Repair, Jacks

Water Damage

Water damage is almost inevitable, caused by everything from faulty plumbing to leaky windows. Thankfully, you don’t have to let that water stain cramp your style. Jack’s Wall Repair Service offers quick and expert repairs to water damaged walls and ceilings.

Stress Crack Wall Repair, Jacks

Stress Cracks

They may be small but let’s face it: stress cracks are unsightly additions to a room. Ready to get rid of them? Call us today for an expert opinion and repair.

Remodeling Wall Repair, Jacks


Changing your home’s layout seems simple enough, until you undertake it. If you’re doing a small remodeling job, we can help you through the process, making your small remodeling adventure quick and painless.

Wall Resurfacing Wall Repair, Jacks

Wall Resurfacing

Removing old wallpaper? Want a smoother, newer look? Tired of unappealing walls? Regardless of your reasons, Jack’s Wall Repair Service can resurface your walls to give them the appearance you want.

Plaster Wall Repair, Jacks

Plaster Repair

Holes, cracks, crumbling and bulging: the problems are numerous. Jack’s Wall Repair Service handles them all, offering dust free repairs to keep your home neat and clean.

Wall Texture, Jacks

Custom Plaster Finishes

Don’t let your creativity be limited by plain paint or busy wallpaper. Whether you’re looking for the rustic appeal of sand and stone or a faux marble display, plaster finishes can encompass everything from basic texturizing to unique, custom designs.